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One of the first benefits of cold calling is it helps you identify your targets. But before making a call and engaging with your prospect, remember that you need to initially know what your goals are. It is ideal to prepare a set of customized questions that were based on the basic information about them.

This course is for beginners who want a fun and effective way to grasp and explore the fundamentals of how to increase sales by picking up the phone.By the end of this course, you’ll not only have a working knowledge of sales cold calling , but be able to feel prepared to target your audience,delegeate tasks and tackle in to close your sales deal.

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Minutes of Coursework

You’ll Learn…

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Covers researching companies and decision makers

Hiring and Outsourcing

Covers hiring or outsourcing for your cold calling operations

Call Scripting

Teaches you some vitals calls scripting strategies

In summary

You will be equippmed to have the knowledge,abiltiies,skills to Research, Hire & Outsources and Learn vital calls script strategies.

Course Breakdown

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Introduction to Cold Calling

Welcome! I’ll introduce myself and give you a brief summary of what you can expect from this course.

LENGTH: 38 Seconds

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In this module our expert will cover how to do preliminary research to find decision makers in your target company.

LENGTH: 9 Minutes

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Cold Calling SCRIPTING

In this module ,Our expert will teach us some vital cold calling strategies

LENGTH: 18 Minutes

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Hiring and outsourcing

In this module , Our expert will show us how to outsource or hire cold callers

LENGTH: 11 Minutes

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